Transforming Cities

Do you long to see the social, cultural and spiritual transformation of your town or city?

Are you passionate about making a difference to the wellbeing of your community, being a peacemaker, a creative energiser, a cultural changer, a restorer of goodness, truth and beauty?

What do you think your city could look like in the next 20 years if we really worked in unity, as one body, alongside people of peace across your area?

If any of those questions stirred something in you, you’re going to want to put Movement Day UK in your diary.

Movement Day is a two day event on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th October 2017 – a space where leaders from churches and those working in business, arts, health, politics, local government, media, education and more from across cities and towns engage in a unique conversation as we imagine a better future for our places.

The MediaNet are so honoured to have been asked to run the media track of the event.

The media track will inspire and equip you to go back to your town or city to build relationships and partnership with
your local media; to write and pitch your stories of transformation; to understand and engage with all forms of non-
traditional media; to share your good news stories though the power of video and photography; to be creative and
innovative; to include a communication and media strategy in your local missional and transformational projects

So who is the media track for?

 Church and community leaders
 Comms and media directors and officers
 Creatives
 Video producers & photographers
 Journalists
 PR & Media professionals
 People passionate about sharing stories of good news and transformation

We’ll be bringing you influential, experienced speakers like Ruth Gledhill, Peter Wooding, Jonathan Bellamy, Gareth Russell, Steve Cox and more.

Head over to the website to grab your tickets for one or both days, and see how Movement Day UK can equip you for change in your area.