The Movement Day Media Track

We’re so proud and excited to have been asked to present the Media Track at this year’s Movement Day UK event in London.

Our team have been working hard to put together a dynamic, interactive and interesting schedule of events for our session on Saturday 7th October. Have a little read through to see what we’re planning and how you could get involved!

11am – Welcome and Introduction with Julia Bicknell (Executive Director, World Watch Monitor)

11:15 – Engaging with your local and regional media, panel discussion led by Chine McDonald (Head of Christian Influence and Church Engagement, World Vision)

So often, the Church is characterised in the media by what it’s against rather than what it’s for. If we’re going to be truly transformative, we also need to tell good news stories about the difference we’re making in our communities.

What better way to do so by engaging the media? This panel of experts from the world of PR and journalism will enable you to think more clearly about the do’s and don’ts of getting your church’s story told positively in newsprint

With Andi Russell ( Jersey Road PR & Media), John Bingham (Head of Media Ops at Church of England), Henry Makiwa (Media Manager, World Vision)

12:00 – Sharing your story through the visual with Peter Wooding (Video Journalist)

What makes a good visual story? How to go about producing relevant, quality videos? Who do you want to reach? How can you get your seen? What makes a good photo?

With Tim Waldron (Damaris Media) and Pete Coggan (Video Producer & Songwriter)

12:35 – Lunch!

12:50 – How to use social media for good with Gareth Russell (Jersey Road PR & Media)

Why Social Media? What is Social Media? How do you write good content? How do you measure its success?

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is,” Scott Cook, co-founder Intuit
“Our head of social media is the customer.” McDonalds

With Amaris Cole (Digital Communications Manager at CofE)

13:30 – Community radio with Jonathan Bellamy (CEO, Cross Rhythms)

What opportunities for engaging with, and communicating to, a local community does Community Radio offer local churches? How easy is it for a local Christian initiative to be established in your area. With more than 15 years experience, stemming from their launch as the UKs first community radio station, Jonathan Bellamy will share the remarkable journey of Cross Rhythms City Radio: how it has become an integral part of everyday city life in Stoke-on- Trent; how it has successfully engaged with leaders and organisations in every sector of the local community; how it has been able to mix Christian faith and spirituality into daily marketplace life. Through stories and audio and video examples, Jonathan will focus on the emphasis of being kingdom focused rather than church focused, and how that focus has delivered Kingdom transformation into the city. He will also unpack how the particular Cross Rhythms ethos and model has multiplied to three UK FM stations, an online community station in Bethlehem, programming on Thai National Radio, and the soon to be launched XRhythms – a unique Visual Radio station aimed at UK teenagers.

The powerful tools of combining social media and video with community radio stations will also be explored.

With Chris Mountford (Radio Producer & Presenter) and Heather Bellamy (Producer & Presenter)

14:10 – What will the media look like over the next 5 years? With Ruth Gledhill (Editor, Christian Today)

Special Interview with Michael Binyon (The Times lead writer)

We hope you’ll join us for ours and many other tracks at what will be a historical event! Grab your tickets now at