Celebrating the Great of Great Britain!

“Where is God?” a common cry when tragedy strikes. In these incredibly sad weeks it is a thought which must have crossed most minds.

London Bridge, Manchester, Grenfell Tower have left uncountable broken hearts.Suddenly, in each case, we saw spontaneous sustenance flaring up from the hearts of the nation.Taxi drivers offering free rides to safety, strangers offering strangers sofas for the night, women donating all the contents of their own wardrobes, businesses, schools, universities offering shelter and food. All our incredible emergency services who risked their own lives, some coming in from holiday leave, others called out in the middle of the night. They worked until they were dropping from exhaustion.

How do we know all this? In addition to thanking all these remarkable people it is now an apt opportunity to thank everybody who works in the media. Without them we would not know anything of all this. Producers, journalists, photographers, editors, content creators, social media managers, press officers and many more have shown us the truth.

Through them we hear the voices of all these angels who sail in with their boundless love.
Social media enabled drop off points to be arranged for the charity donations, Facebook enabled fundraising pages to be set up; it brought offers from far afield, for example one woman in Portsmouth offered accommodation to people made homeless in Grenfell.

Newspapers kept us informed  as did all our news channels.

Instagram revealed Jamie Oliver’s kind offer to feed people who had fled from the tower block, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, let us see the overwhelming kindness of pop star Adele, Lily Allen, Rita Ora, Royalty who visited patients in hospital. Too many names to mention, too many acts of random kindness to list.

Like the wise men from afar bearing gifts, these celebrities joined the rest of us who were able to link supporting arms to help only because all those who work in the media had enabled us to see what was needed.

The media has built us a window to observe that God is actually among us. Through it we heard Justin Bieber at the One Love Manchester Benefit Performance say that God is good in the midst of darkness.
He echoed Christ’s message to turn the other cheek when he told us that we must fight evil with good.
The media showed us that Good Samaritans live and die amongst us as we hear, again via the media, of the dedicated nurse who showed us Christ’s teaching in practice, what greater love has a person than lay down their life, as she died trying to help others in the London attack.

The kindness, the generosity of spirit, ineffable really to even try to summarise.

We know from Luke in Acts 2.17, “In the last days I will pour out my spirit on all people,” The Great People of Great Britain, in my opinion, are full of the spirit of God; this is where God is in these troubled times, in the hearts and souls of all his people.

Isaiah 32.15 tells us “till the spirit is poured on us from on high, and the desert becomes a fertile field, and the fertile field seems like a forest,” The forest of goodness in our nation has been shown to us via our media and our media has evidenced for us that God is indeed here.

Let’s celebrate what we hear in 1 John 4.7 “Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.”
Praise and thanks for all the Love in Great Britain today. Praise and thanks that God is with us in these troubled times.

Angela Hindle is a freelance writer and author. Her latest book, “Am I Crazy? ” is about a teenage boy with ADHD, told in the first person as he travels through high school. Available on Amazon.