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Posted by Ruth McGarahan

theMediaNet and Christians In Journalism conference

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Saturday 3rd March, 2012


St James’ Church, Clerkenwell (Clerkenwell Close, London, EC1R 0EA)  view map

Whatever is true…’ (Philippians 4v8)

Join us for an exciting day of discussion, fellowship, encouragement and inspiration.  We’ll have input from some great Christian media professionals such as the BBC’s Rev Richard Coles.  It will also be a fantastic opportunity to meet, pray for and share experiences with other Christians working in the media from all over the country.  We’ve got a packed programme but there will also be plenty of time to relax, unwind and re-charge.

-Does Every Song Have to Say Jesus In It?

Broadcast Journalist Andy Walton interviews Rev Richard Coles about how to be a Christian in the mainstream media, followed by Q&A with Richard.

Rev Richard Coles rose to fame with 80s synthpop duo The Communards and now appears regularly on radio, TV and in the papers.  He presents BBC Radio 4's popular Saturday morning show Saturday Live.

-Do Christians Hack Phones?

It feels like every day the Leveson Inquiry reveals fresh criminality and awfulness in the British media. Phone-hacking, bin-ology, blagging and stalking all seem to be rife. Does it have to be this way? And is this any place for a Christian? We'll talk frankly with people on both sides: a leading media lawyer who has acted for victims of the press, and a reporter on one of our biggest-selling tabloids.

-Playing with reality: Living in reward culture

Points for ordering pizza? Badges for saying "HI!" to you Barrista? Using cameras to catch a tube? What is the world coming to? James Poulter explores how mobile phones, augemented reality and virtual games are changing the way we do every day life. Welcome to reward culture. (All attendees will receive 10 James Bonus Points...)

James Poulter is Shiny Red’s go to guy on all things SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) and regularly gives comment for PR Week, MSN’s Social Media Column and Social Media Influence.  James also runs the men’s lifestyle site The Manifest.

-Valleys And Mountaintops Seminar

Personal stories, insight and encouragement about job insecurity, short contracts and freelance struggles.

-Do the Right Thing Seminar (Christians in Journalism Strand)

It's not just hard news reporters who face ethical dilemmas. From politics to showbiz, anyone in today's press comes under pressure to cut corners, do favours and accept things that look a little bit like bribes. How do we cope? How do we get it right? What do we do when we get it wrong? A chance to share your own experiences.

-What's the Big Idea? Seminar

Kristine Pommert looks at inspiration, ideas and how to pitch to commissioning editors.

Kristine Pommert is a Senior Producer at BBC World Service Religion.  Currently responsible for the weekly Heart and Soul strand, she has worked in BBC religious broadcasting for more than 15 years, producing output in over 15 countries and winning four awards.  She particularly enjoys working with "real people" from all the major world religions, and exploring how faith and religious practice shape a sense of meaning and identity for them.   Her passions as a programme maker are strong storytelling and the use of social media to enhance output.

-Soft Difference

Encouragement, devotion and prayer from Rev Sally Hitchiner.

Sally Hitchiner is an Anglican priest in London. She was at the centre of the media coverage of the riots in Ealing last year, and she appears regularly on Sky News.

£12  Coffee, refreshments and lunch included 

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