A Prayer for the Media

As we look ahead to this Sunday’s Day of Prayer for the Media, on May 28th 2017, we’re sharing a timely prayer from Reverend Karin Achtelstetter, General Secretary, World Association for Christian Communications (WACC).

“In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God”

I write, I text, I message, I draft, I revise, I edit;

I record, I interview, I shorten, I post, I blog, I tweet.

I squeeze words into formats.

With Isaiah I pray, that “my word … shall accomplish that which I purpose.”

I am drowning in words and information,

I search through statements, reports and data;

I aspire to objectivity.

With Solomon I pray, “let my words … be acceptable in your sight.”

Today’s post truth and alternative facts don’t have a tomorrow;

But Your truth has no beginning and no end;

Guide me into Your truth and teach me!

Hate speech and offensive language are lethal weapons;

But Your word gives eternal life;

Guide me into Your peace and teach me!

In the ending will be the word and the word will be with God.

I am a servant of the word.

God in your mercy, hear my prayer!


Day of Prayer for the Media is an expression of solidarity and concrete action guided by faith. Praying for the media and with the media recognises the fundamental role of media in shaping people’s perceptions, opinions and actions. This role comes with enormous ethical and moral responsibility. Praying for those who have the power to shape our communities and recognising the enormous pressure and responsibility they face, is also an act of faithfully holding media accountable.

Join us on Sunday by encouraging your church to set aside some time praying for the media industry as well as those who work in and alongside it, share this short film with your community, sign up to our Thunderclap and ask that they lift up this group of people in prayer.